The Worst Sleepover in the World

"A wry, relatable look at the dynamics of first friendships."

The Bookseller

A playful story exploring the hilarious complications of first friendships, in a domestic scenario that will be familiar to many parents. Ramona is having her best friend Gracie to stay the night - it’s their first ever sleepover, and they plan to make a den, dance like wild things, throw putty on the ceiling, feast on sweets and stay up all night. Ramona and her little sister Ruby think it will be the BEST SLEEPOVER IN HISTORY. But nothing quite goes to plan and everything is heading for disaster. Will Gracie, Ramona and Ruby still be friends in the morning? Will Mum ever get to bed?

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"This funny but tender look at children’s insecurities and why fear can manifest as difficult behaviour will resonate with sleepover-weary parents as much as with children."

The Daily Mail

"Sophie has a wild capacity to think and dream like a child, I love her writing voice, her tone is spot on and after reading this I basically just want to go to a sleepover at Sophie’s house! The illustrations are so emotive and funny and how cool is mum? I adored reading this chaotic, funny and heart warming book that is full of warmth, friendship and life."

Laura Dockrill, author

"The Worst Sleepover in the World is a charming and gleeful story of the joys and perils of the sleepover, brought beautifully to life by Sophie Dahl's witty words and Luciano Lozano's delightful artwork."

Anna James, author

'This may be The Worst Sleepover in the World but since reading this story to my children they’ve been begging me to have their own sleepover. With wit and pizzazz Sophie Dahl tells it just like it is- hilarious, exasperating and a tiny bit exhausting (for Mum at least) but hey, let’s do it all again tomorrow!' 

 Polly Dunbar, author-illustrator

“This book is fabulous! It should be handed to every parent with a child in primary school as a self help manual. Kids are also going to love it!”

Rebecca Patterson, author

"An emotional rollercoaster of feelings, laced with warmth and humour that made me sigh and smile, and laugh out loud.”

Emma Chichester Clark, author

"A comedy of manners for seven year olds that beautifully navigates the perils of pyjama parties with pitch perfect illustrations.”

Chris Riddell, author-illustrator

“We love this book in my house! What could be better than a night time adventure filled with midnight feasts, plans that don’t go quite the way you’d hoped - just like life - lots of love and delicious pancakes in the morning! A classic story to share.”

Molly Oldfield, author & podcaster

“A funny tale of friendship and fall-outs“

Yasmeen Ismail, author-illustrator

“A delightful book to share and a timely reminder that though things may not always go to plan, they usually work out in the end - featuring the most relatable mum character I have ever encountered in a picture book!“

Jess French, author

“A gorgeous bedtime story, overflowing with fun and wisdom. Like all of Sophie's books, The Worst Sleepover in the Worldis packed with wit, charm and love. It is bound to be a massive hit with children and their beleaguered parents alike.“

Lauren O'Hara, illustrator

“a wry, relatable look at the dynamics of first friendships“

The Bookseller

“A book every child and perhaps parent can relate to, a must read!“